Health Benefits of Zobo Drink, Side Effects & More

health benefits of zobo drinks

Zobo drink, also known as hibiscus tea, is a popular beverage in Nigeria that is made from dried flowers of the Hibiscus sabdariffa plant, which is also called “roselle” or “red sorrel”. Widely enjoyed due to its unique refreshing tart flavor, zobo drink comes with a good number of proven nutritional and medical benefits. These … Read more

Maggi Cubes: Side Effects & Health Risks

maggi cubes side effects

Maggi cubes is an international seasoning product that is available for sale in many countries of the world. In Nigeria, the product has successfully displaced traditional food seasonings such as locust beans that you are not likely to miss Maggi cubes in our delicacies. It could even be in the last cooked meal you took. … Read more

Goron Tula: Side Effects and Health Risks

goron tula side effects

Goron Tula is a hibiscus tree plant grown in northern Nigeria. It is called Azanza garckeana by plant scientists, while the English call it Snot apple or African chewing gum. It is a popular plant renowned for its nutritional and medicinal value. The plant could be chewed directly after the seeds have been removed, or … Read more

Funbact-A Cream: Side Effects and Health Risks

funbact a side effects

Funbact-A is a skin treatment cream containing three drugs that play different roles in the body: Clotrimazole (an antifungal drug) Neomycin sulfate (an antibacterial drug) Betamethasone (a steroid anti-inflammatory drug) So, Funbact-A is used to treat skin fungal infections, skin bacterial infections, and skin inflammatory reactions. This is why it is labeled a “triple action” … Read more